Circle of Mary – 6th Sunday message

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fire-rainbow.jpgDear Circle of Mary Sisters,
Today is Sunday August 5th and the 6th week of the Circle of Mary meditations. With Love I send you this meditation experience. This evening I sat before Mary and placed the drops of the Peace Rainbow in my hand to send around the world and through my own aura.   As I looked down to put the drops into my hand I physically saw a celestial blue Light resting on my heart, which went away when I felt surprise.
I then asked Mary a question. “What is the Christ Consciousness?” Or perhaps this the question she wanted me to ask. And She lovingly answered, “The Christ Consciousness is a constant deep awareness that there are no limitations when you have Peace in God. This is the Peace, the Love of God, the awareness that Jesus knew and He expressed that limitless bounty in every healing, every step He took.”
My attunement to Mary with this answer brought me such deep Peace that I hardly felt the need to breathe. I then had a vision of standing before a building with pillars of pure gold. “Enter”, I was told. “I don’t wish to enter, this feeling of Peace, of God Awareness, is enough for me.” “Come through the door,” I heard and so I did.
When I walked through, I saw myself walking on top of a mountain of jewels and gold. The energy was amazing and I felt completely at Peace, because there was Christ at the very top and He said, “Accept.” So I bowed my head in acceptance and then the jewels and gold rose underneath me and sent me through the roof and up to the heavens and the Angels. With this I understood that pure acceptance of the Peace and Love of God in our hearts brings limitless, eternal bounty and even ascension.
“How can we in human life find this Consciousness everyday and every minute?” I asked Mother Mary. She said, “Each one should have an altar, a prayerful place to sit in front of each day, if only for a little while.” “This, as a reminder of the presence of God in the heart. As this becomes the practice, the habit, one will find the peaceful feeling and the awareness of God’s Love constantly.” At this point I was crying, because until recently, although I have always had an altar with the statue of Mary there, most of the time felt too busy to take the time to feel this energy, an energy that I needed more than I knew.
I then looked up the day on the Mayan calendar. The correlation was again so amazing. Today is the Yellow Crystal Seed and kin 64, Djwal Khul is the Aura Soma bottle 64 Emerald Green over Clear.   Green as we know is the color of the heart chakra and Djwal Khul is an ascended master.  Here is a quote from him: “There is always a complete and God-Satisfactory Remedy available for every human ill and unhappiness. The remedy here lies in a more constant and complete attunement with the Light of the Christ within one’s own heart.” 
Peace my Sisters.
In Mary’s Love,


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