Circle of Mary – 7th Sunday

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Dear Circle of Mary Sisters,>
Today is August 12, the last of the 7 Sundays Mary has asked us to attune to
      Seven women came to participate in the Circle this evening.
First, with Love, we brought in the vibrations of all the Circle Sisters around
the world. Then I put a drop of the Quintessences: Serapis Bey, then St. Germain, then Lady Nada in each participants hand and we sent the Peace Rainbow surrounding the earth.
After we settled into meditation, Mary came through and said, “Peace to you dear Sisters, I am so happy to see you here.”
   During the meditation I saw water, water, water and Mary shared with everyone that as we bless our food, we should also ask for a blessing of the water we drink. She said that each sip of water we drink is sacred and that we should
have a bowl of water on our altars as holy water. “Simply ask for the water to
be blessed and it will be holy”, Mary said. “Put your fingers in the bowl of
water and apply it wherever you feel the need for healing.”    Mary also said that when the storms, the hurricanes come, ask that each drop of rain be blessed and thank the water for cleansing the earth. “In blessing the water this way you will be protected.”
    I then saw Christ on the cross, but He was not in pain, He was joyfully
stretched out accepting God’s fullness and Light.   And it was given to me that
He did not suffer and does not want us to suffer in His name, but to fully
accept the Glory and the Light.”
   Then Mary said that yes, some people have gotten the message Jesus came to
give, a bit wrong, but we should bless them and have compassion for them the
most, for they are also trying to know the Light.
    I asked if the Circle should be closed and She answered, “The Circle will
never be closed, but will always be open for I am always an instant away.” And
that women should come together for attunement whenever they feel the need.
  After the attunement some of the Circle sisters shared their experiences.  One
of the women said that when I put the first drop of Quintessence in her hand,
she instantly had a healing in her upper back that had been there for quite a
long time. She also said that she felt very happy and playful after that.
Another said that she saw a vision of Mary walking on water.
    As I looked at the Mayan calendar I saw that it is the day of the Blue
Rhythmic Monkey, the kin is #71, a playful, flowing time. In Aura Soma,  the
Essene Bottle II,/the Jewel in the Lotus is bottle #71, Pink over Clear and the
affirmation  is: “Be still and know that I am God.”     The Light of God is
always in that attunement, that stillness within.
    Peace to you my wonderful, worldly sisters. I hope that all of you had a
chance to tune in to Mary this powerful day of the New Moon and that you will
keep Her pure Love in your heart.
With Love,


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