Circle of Mary – July 22 – message

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Dear Sisters,
Today is the 22nd of July 2007.  On the Mayan calendar it is the day of kin 50, the White Spectral Dog. 
So it is a day of faithfulness which gives strength on the Spiritual journey. In Aura Soma it is bottle # 50 El Morya, pale blue over pale blue.  It’s message is High spiritual evolvement, a Love which overflows into the world.
    Before my meditation on Mary I went to my church and during our time of silence, I felt Mary’s strong presence.  Her presence is one of Love and Purity, a purity which can not be described.  While everyone was singing, it was difficult for me to come back to “reality”, I felt such peace.
    Later, in my time of meditation with Mary, with love, I envisioned the Circle of Mary sisters around the world.  Then I mentally, energetically sent the Rainbow of Peace out to the world and to surround everyone and every being.   I then saw the Rainbow of Peace, violet, pink and white surrounding me, outside of me and within me.  I felt that every atom of my being was surrounded in these colors and I felt every part of me was connected only by this beautiful Peace.   I knew then that whenever I make my transition from this Earth, I want to be anointed by these colors.
   The message I received from Mary this day is, “Daughters, you do not have to wait until a certain time to come and sit with me.  The instant you think of me and even a second before, I am there with you.  The door- without locks or bolts is always flung open for you.  Sit, meditate and connect your heart to my heart and you will find the Peace of God within you.  In this meditation, you will find the Love of God will carry you through and many beautiful things will be revealed.   Peace be with you on your journey. I look forward to our time together.” 
   Mary brings us closer to the Love of God on our Spiritual journey and closer to our faithfulness.
Dear sisters, I hope this and every day brings you Great Peace.
In Mary’s Love,

Circle of Mary – July 29th – message

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Dear Circle of Mary Sisters,
Today is July 29, 2007.  This is the night of the full moon in Aquarius.
 I sat in front of Mary this evening as the moon began to reach its zenith.
 I bowed my head and in my mind, I asked to bring in all of the sisters in the circle and it was given to me a beautiful, international oneness of hearts beating together in the Love of the greatest of all women.
     In my hand I placed the drops of white, lavender and pink, the Aura Soma Quintessences of Serapis Bey, St. Germain and Lady Nada.  As you may remember these are the colors of the Peace Rainbow which Mary asked that we might send around the world for peace.
   From my hands I sent this Loving, Peaceful energy around the world.  I brought my hands to the back of my head and as I was “clearing that which is behind me”, Mary said, “Yes, let go of the past.” “Forgive, and think of it no more.”   “Go into this moment new, with an awareness of awe and wonder of the world.”  “If all would be forgiven, there would be no reason for war.”  “When we harbor feelings of anger and hate, it affects the whole world.”
  From Her words I know that when thoughts of those who may have wronged me or others whom I love in the past; I can see them dissolving into the Eternal Light of God’s Love as they are certainly in His care, not mine.
  What a great relief! What a release of burdens!  It is not our place any longer to hold on to past hurts or regrets, but to go forward with the joy of new blessings.
   After I got up from meditation, I went to my computer to find out the Mayan day.  (You can find this at   I found that this is the day of the Red Earth and kin: 57.  In Aura Soma the bottle 57 is Pallas Athena & Aeolus.  The colors are Pale Pink and Pale Blue which shakes together as Pale Lavender.  The main theme of this bottle is:  To release the patterns of the past.  The affirmation is: “I let go and trust.”
  Mother Mary is so wise and perfect in Her guidance.  I hope that you will all take the time to meditate with her.  It is a Spiritual gift that is not to be missed.  Many blessings to you dear sisters.  Thank you for the peace you send to the world.
With Love,

Circle of Mary – 6th Sunday message

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fire-rainbow.jpgDear Circle of Mary Sisters,
Today is Sunday August 5th and the 6th week of the Circle of Mary meditations. With Love I send you this meditation experience. This evening I sat before Mary and placed the drops of the Peace Rainbow in my hand to send around the world and through my own aura.   As I looked down to put the drops into my hand I physically saw a celestial blue Light resting on my heart, which went away when I felt surprise.
I then asked Mary a question. “What is the Christ Consciousness?” Or perhaps this the question she wanted me to ask. And She lovingly answered, “The Christ Consciousness is a constant deep awareness that there are no limitations when you have Peace in God. This is the Peace, the Love of God, the awareness that Jesus knew and He expressed that limitless bounty in every healing, every step He took.”
My attunement to Mary with this answer brought me such deep Peace that I hardly felt the need to breathe. I then had a vision of standing before a building with pillars of pure gold. “Enter”, I was told. “I don’t wish to enter, this feeling of Peace, of God Awareness, is enough for me.” “Come through the door,” I heard and so I did.
When I walked through, I saw myself walking on top of a mountain of jewels and gold. The energy was amazing and I felt completely at Peace, because there was Christ at the very top and He said, “Accept.” So I bowed my head in acceptance and then the jewels and gold rose underneath me and sent me through the roof and up to the heavens and the Angels. With this I understood that pure acceptance of the Peace and Love of God in our hearts brings limitless, eternal bounty and even ascension.
“How can we in human life find this Consciousness everyday and every minute?” I asked Mother Mary. She said, “Each one should have an altar, a prayerful place to sit in front of each day, if only for a little while.” “This, as a reminder of the presence of God in the heart. As this becomes the practice, the habit, one will find the peaceful feeling and the awareness of God’s Love constantly.” At this point I was crying, because until recently, although I have always had an altar with the statue of Mary there, most of the time felt too busy to take the time to feel this energy, an energy that I needed more than I knew.
I then looked up the day on the Mayan calendar. The correlation was again so amazing. Today is the Yellow Crystal Seed and kin 64, Djwal Khul is the Aura Soma bottle 64 Emerald Green over Clear.   Green as we know is the color of the heart chakra and Djwal Khul is an ascended master.  Here is a quote from him: “There is always a complete and God-Satisfactory Remedy available for every human ill and unhappiness. The remedy here lies in a more constant and complete attunement with the Light of the Christ within one’s own heart.” 
Peace my Sisters.
In Mary’s Love,

Circle of Mary – 7th Sunday

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Dear Circle of Mary Sisters,>
Today is August 12, the last of the 7 Sundays Mary has asked us to attune to
      Seven women came to participate in the Circle this evening.
First, with Love, we brought in the vibrations of all the Circle Sisters around
the world. Then I put a drop of the Quintessences: Serapis Bey, then St. Germain, then Lady Nada in each participants hand and we sent the Peace Rainbow surrounding the earth.
After we settled into meditation, Mary came through and said, “Peace to you dear Sisters, I am so happy to see you here.”
   During the meditation I saw water, water, water and Mary shared with everyone that as we bless our food, we should also ask for a blessing of the water we drink. She said that each sip of water we drink is sacred and that we should
have a bowl of water on our altars as holy water. “Simply ask for the water to
be blessed and it will be holy”, Mary said. “Put your fingers in the bowl of
water and apply it wherever you feel the need for healing.”    Mary also said that when the storms, the hurricanes come, ask that each drop of rain be blessed and thank the water for cleansing the earth. “In blessing the water this way you will be protected.”
    I then saw Christ on the cross, but He was not in pain, He was joyfully
stretched out accepting God’s fullness and Light.   And it was given to me that
He did not suffer and does not want us to suffer in His name, but to fully
accept the Glory and the Light.”
   Then Mary said that yes, some people have gotten the message Jesus came to
give, a bit wrong, but we should bless them and have compassion for them the
most, for they are also trying to know the Light.
    I asked if the Circle should be closed and She answered, “The Circle will
never be closed, but will always be open for I am always an instant away.” And
that women should come together for attunement whenever they feel the need.
  After the attunement some of the Circle sisters shared their experiences.  One
of the women said that when I put the first drop of Quintessence in her hand,
she instantly had a healing in her upper back that had been there for quite a
long time. She also said that she felt very happy and playful after that.
Another said that she saw a vision of Mary walking on water.
    As I looked at the Mayan calendar I saw that it is the day of the Blue
Rhythmic Monkey, the kin is #71, a playful, flowing time. In Aura Soma,  the
Essene Bottle II,/the Jewel in the Lotus is bottle #71, Pink over Clear and the
affirmation  is: “Be still and know that I am God.”     The Light of God is
always in that attunement, that stillness within.
    Peace to you my wonderful, worldly sisters. I hope that all of you had a
chance to tune in to Mary this powerful day of the New Moon and that you will
keep Her pure Love in your heart.
With Love,

Mother Mary and her Crop Circle

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westkennettlongbarrow-circle.jpg Dear Circle of Mary Sisters,
> So the 7 Sundays of the Circle of Mary have ended.  It feels like a completion
but also a start.
>  I wanted to let you know about a phenomenon which happened in the form of
crop circles.  People have asked me if I know whether crop circles are real or
not.  My answer is yes, most of them are real and not made by humans.  Some
however, are made by people in an attempt to duplicate them, but most crop
circles are so complex, beautiful and large and reportedly are formed in a very
short amount of time.  They just could not be “human made”. 
>    Some of you know that I had an incredible experience and message from
Christ while I was in England.  At that time, I prayed to be shown in a Crop
Circle that the message was the truth,  and the Crop Circle of the 2 hearts and
a Star appeared.   You can see the message and photos at:
       Naturally, after one of the messages from Mary was channeled,  (July
22, 2007)  I had a thought that it would be wonderful if a Crop Circle for the
Circle of Mary might appear.  This was just a thought, and not even a prayer
request.   A little while later, I checked the Crop Circle website,, and indeed it had come!    On July 25th, a crop
circle formation, at West Kennett Longbarrow Wiltshire, showing the feminine
symbol, a star within and a circle above had appeared!   I am also attaching
this photo of the Crop Circle for you to see.
     Mary certainly wanted to let us know She was listening and waiting for
us to open our hearts to Her Love.   As Mary said in the beginning, “I urge you
to let me speak to the world.”  And you, my sisters around the world responded.  Hopefully one day soon, She will speak to us again.

    I thank you for your support and I know our Mother Mary does too.  I
encourage you to go back and read these messages again, send Love to all the
world and also grow from the meditations that were channeled, and of course,
help others to find peace and healing too.  It is from helping others that we
also continue to grow.
   In the hope of helping and uplifting others I invite you to share these
meditations that were channeled.  I am feeling that perhaps I need to write a
book about Mary and her messages to the world, so if you have any experiences
you would like to share, to help others I would love to hear from you.  If you
have any questions please let me know.
   Thank you my Circle Sisters and friends.  I hope to see you in the near
future.  Peace to you and all those you love.
With Love,
Elizabeth A.


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