Mother Mary and her Crop Circle

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westkennettlongbarrow-circle.jpg Dear Circle of Mary Sisters,
> So the 7 Sundays of the Circle of Mary have ended.  It feels like a completion
but also a start.
>  I wanted to let you know about a phenomenon which happened in the form of
crop circles.  People have asked me if I know whether crop circles are real or
not.  My answer is yes, most of them are real and not made by humans.  Some
however, are made by people in an attempt to duplicate them, but most crop
circles are so complex, beautiful and large and reportedly are formed in a very
short amount of time.  They just could not be “human made”. 
>    Some of you know that I had an incredible experience and message from
Christ while I was in England.  At that time, I prayed to be shown in a Crop
Circle that the message was the truth,  and the Crop Circle of the 2 hearts and
a Star appeared.   You can see the message and photos at:
       Naturally, after one of the messages from Mary was channeled,  (July
22, 2007)  I had a thought that it would be wonderful if a Crop Circle for the
Circle of Mary might appear.  This was just a thought, and not even a prayer
request.   A little while later, I checked the Crop Circle website,, and indeed it had come!    On July 25th, a crop
circle formation, at West Kennett Longbarrow Wiltshire, showing the feminine
symbol, a star within and a circle above had appeared!   I am also attaching
this photo of the Crop Circle for you to see.
     Mary certainly wanted to let us know She was listening and waiting for
us to open our hearts to Her Love.   As Mary said in the beginning, “I urge you
to let me speak to the world.”  And you, my sisters around the world responded.  Hopefully one day soon, She will speak to us again.

    I thank you for your support and I know our Mother Mary does too.  I
encourage you to go back and read these messages again, send Love to all the
world and also grow from the meditations that were channeled, and of course,
help others to find peace and healing too.  It is from helping others that we
also continue to grow.
   In the hope of helping and uplifting others I invite you to share these
meditations that were channeled.  I am feeling that perhaps I need to write a
book about Mary and her messages to the world, so if you have any experiences
you would like to share, to help others I would love to hear from you.  If you
have any questions please let me know.
   Thank you my Circle Sisters and friends.  I hope to see you in the near
future.  Peace to you and all those you love.
With Love,
Elizabeth A.


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