Mother Mary’s story

Many of you are familiar with the Circle of Mary gatherings.  Sitting quietly together, we meditate on the loving heart of the Beloved Mother of Christ as She has directed.  For the past 11 years I have had the amazing and humbling privilege of channeling Mother Mary’s messages within these blessed circles.
Many times I sit alone asking a simple question and always, always receiving a profoundly wise and heart opening answer.  Sometimes these answers were personal, but sometimes they were meant for the world.  I have been writing these messages during the past 10 years, in hopes of one day sharing them with you.  I wasn’t sure, but I knew Mary would provide the way and the time.

One evening I sat before the altar in my home with Mary’s statue and asked a question, “Please tell me about.” But before I could take a breath to finish, Mother Mary spoke to my heart with such clarity that I had no question of what she had said. “Beloved, I want to tell you my story.”
What?! Sitting straight up, I looked around the empty room, are you speaking to me?  I began to shake my head as I said to Her, “Oh no! No Mother Mary, I cannot. I am not, not worthy!” Tears fell from my eyes and I began to cry.

“Elizabeth, write!” she said. And thus, Mary and Her reluctant writer began.

It is Mary’s and my hope and intention to now set these channelings forth.  It is time. Her simple lessons are truth and life changing.  My prayer is that this will soon become a book for Her loved ones to enjoy, as well as, find peace and comfort in a world that so now, needs such healing.


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