Circle of Mary, Aura Soma & the Mayan Calendar

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Within these writings of messages I have received from Mother Mary, I have been guided to share in my knowledge of the Mayan Calendar and  the color bottles of Aura Soma as well as quintessences; specifically Serapis Bey, St. Germain, and Lady Nada.  Quintessences in Aura Soma are essences of the Master Bottle set in a small carry size bottle.  These are used for meditating, but are first given out to the world in a beautiful gesture of putting the drops on the wrists, raising the hands up overhead and sending this energy from one hand to the other, envisioning it encircling and protecting the earth.    According to Aura Soma, quintessence means “the most perfect manifestation of a quality.”      May you find the Perfection within.  Peace, Elizabeth


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Dearest Reader,
These are the channelings I received from Mother Mary last summer.
Right now they are not quite in order, but it doesn’t matter.  Each one
 has a very special message and if you are reading this right now, it is for you.

Mary has guided that you be here right now, receiving her Love.
Peace to you always,
Elizabeth ♥

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