About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Alder is a 25 yr. veteran of Hatha yoga, massage and the healing arts.  In 1977 she received her first certification in Healing Arts East/West from the Metaphysical Research and Education Foundation in St. Petersburg, Fla. In that same year she received her Yoga Instructor’s Certification. Since that time she has studied and practiced Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, and Healing Touch, as well as Colorenergetics with neurologist Dr. Robert Hasinger, in Italy.Her studies have taken her as far as southern India, where she taught Hatha Yoga in Kerala; and in 2000 she attended and assisted at the International Colour Congress in Venice, Italy. She is now one of a few Certified Coloreneregetics Therapists here in the United States and became an Aura Soma Foundation Beamer Pen Teacher in 2004.Elizabeth has been a guest speaker at Athens Regional Hospital’s Loran Smith Cancer Care Center, St. Mary’s Women’s Center, Phoenix and Dragon of Atlanta and recently at Earth Fare in Athens.

Her topics have included: Aromatherapy, Relaxing Yoga, Mayan Activation and Colorenergetics Therapy.



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