Circle of Mary – June 30, 2007- First Meditation

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028_281.jpg June 30, 2007
Dear Circle Sisters,
This beautiful morning I meditated on Mary and visualized my sisters in the Circle around the world.
   I carried the white porcelain statue of Mary into the labyrinth in my back yard and lovingly placed her in the center.    Sitting in front of Her with my eyes closed, I took a deep breath and  felt a wonderful fullness of peace, surrounding me and within me.   I felt so full of peace almost like a pregnancy and I knew that this is a peace which only women can experience and give forth.   After a few minutes I lifted my head upwards and I felt transported to the outer most atmosphere of the earth. Looking down on our beautiful blue marble, I felt this fullness of peace surrounding the world.
I saw Mary, first surrounded by the color pink, then white, then lavender. She said, “These are the colors of the peace rainbow. Use these colors to bring peace to the world.”
I feel strongly to use the color quintessences of Lady Nada, Serapis Bey and Saint Germain in meditations of Peace for the world.   (Or if you do not have these available, mentally surround the world in this Peace Rainbow.)
Amazingly yesterday, one the sisters in our circle called to say that she has a book called, Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women of the World by Jean Bolen.   I have ordered this book and also The Millionth Circle by the same author. Thank you Karen, for these signs of confirmation and encouragement.
I know more messages will come. I encourage you to invite other Spiritual goddesses to join in these important meditations of Mother Mary.
With Love,


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