Circle of Mary – July 8, 2007 – message

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Dear Circle Sisters,
   I am happy to say that a few more Sisters have been invited to join the
Circle of Mary and have happily accepted.   Please do not hesitate to invite
other women who would love to join in.

   Today is the day in the Mayan calendar of the Yellow Planetary Warrior, a day of fearlessness.  The Solar Plexus chakra powerfully shines forth to bring in
Light to the World. On the Mayan calendar it is kin: 36.  In Aura-Soma this is
the bottle called Charity and its colors are violet and pink.  The main theme of
this bottle is Spiritual Love.  As you may remember the colors violet, pink and
white were shown to me to be the colors of the Peace Rainbow so this is a
beautiful connection.
     It was raining this morning (blessed rain), so I meditated on Mary inside
at my altar.  Since I did not feel a connection at first as I had before, I
began to send the Rainbow of Peace around the world, asking that every heart be filled with this peace.  Then in a vision, I saw orbs of Light falling down from
the sky around me like the rain.  At first I did not understand why this was
happening, I was even a little afraid and then Mary gave me the most beautiful
vision of all.  She presented her Son, the Christ to me.  He was in the form of
a brilliant Light and I thought, “How incredible it must have been to see Him
walking among the crowds of people.  A Light so bright that all you had to do
was look on Him and be healed.”  I wondered why, even in His day, in His
presence, that there were people who could not see that Light which was so close to them. 
   Then the room in which I sat was filled with an incredible Light and yet I
felt a peacefulness, a stillness deep within.  And then I heard the answer. 
“The Light still shines and will always shine, but distrust and fear causes a
soul to shut down, to become blind.”  “Never be afraid to take that Light for
yourselves and Shine it forth to the world for this is your purpose.”  Mary
Again I saw the orbs of Light falling down around me and this time I pulled this
Light in for myself.  I felt an incredible but gentle power.  Fearless.
   So the lesson is:  Do not be afraid of the Light around you and within you. 
The Light is there for you to claim.  The Light is there for you to give and
help others claim it for themselves.  Expand the Light.  Peace.
With Love and Gratefulness,
P.S. Thank you so much Sisters,  for your responses and contributions on your
own meditations.  We all look forward to hearing and learning from you.

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