Circle of Mary – July 29th – message

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Dear Circle of Mary Sisters,
Today is July 29, 2007.  This is the night of the full moon in Aquarius.
 I sat in front of Mary this evening as the moon began to reach its zenith.
 I bowed my head and in my mind, I asked to bring in all of the sisters in the circle and it was given to me a beautiful, international oneness of hearts beating together in the Love of the greatest of all women.
     In my hand I placed the drops of white, lavender and pink, the Aura Soma Quintessences of Serapis Bey, St. Germain and Lady Nada.  As you may remember these are the colors of the Peace Rainbow which Mary asked that we might send around the world for peace.
   From my hands I sent this Loving, Peaceful energy around the world.  I brought my hands to the back of my head and as I was “clearing that which is behind me”, Mary said, “Yes, let go of the past.” “Forgive, and think of it no more.”   “Go into this moment new, with an awareness of awe and wonder of the world.”  “If all would be forgiven, there would be no reason for war.”  “When we harbor feelings of anger and hate, it affects the whole world.”
  From Her words I know that when thoughts of those who may have wronged me or others whom I love in the past; I can see them dissolving into the Eternal Light of God’s Love as they are certainly in His care, not mine.
  What a great relief! What a release of burdens!  It is not our place any longer to hold on to past hurts or regrets, but to go forward with the joy of new blessings.
   After I got up from meditation, I went to my computer to find out the Mayan day.  (You can find this at   I found that this is the day of the Red Earth and kin: 57.  In Aura Soma the bottle 57 is Pallas Athena & Aeolus.  The colors are Pale Pink and Pale Blue which shakes together as Pale Lavender.  The main theme of this bottle is:  To release the patterns of the past.  The affirmation is: “I let go and trust.”
  Mother Mary is so wise and perfect in Her guidance.  I hope that you will all take the time to meditate with her.  It is a Spiritual gift that is not to be missed.  Many blessings to you dear sisters.  Thank you for the peace you send to the world.
With Love,


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