Circle of Mary – July 22 – message

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Dear Sisters,
Today is the 22nd of July 2007.  On the Mayan calendar it is the day of kin 50, the White Spectral Dog. 
So it is a day of faithfulness which gives strength on the Spiritual journey. In Aura Soma it is bottle # 50 El Morya, pale blue over pale blue.  It’s message is High spiritual evolvement, a Love which overflows into the world.
    Before my meditation on Mary I went to my church and during our time of silence, I felt Mary’s strong presence.  Her presence is one of Love and Purity, a purity which can not be described.  While everyone was singing, it was difficult for me to come back to “reality”, I felt such peace.
    Later, in my time of meditation with Mary, with love, I envisioned the Circle of Mary sisters around the world.  Then I mentally, energetically sent the Rainbow of Peace out to the world and to surround everyone and every being.   I then saw the Rainbow of Peace, violet, pink and white surrounding me, outside of me and within me.  I felt that every atom of my being was surrounded in these colors and I felt every part of me was connected only by this beautiful Peace.   I knew then that whenever I make my transition from this Earth, I want to be anointed by these colors.
   The message I received from Mary this day is, “Daughters, you do not have to wait until a certain time to come and sit with me.  The instant you think of me and even a second before, I am there with you.  The door- without locks or bolts is always flung open for you.  Sit, meditate and connect your heart to my heart and you will find the Peace of God within you.  In this meditation, you will find the Love of God will carry you through and many beautiful things will be revealed.   Peace be with you on your journey. I look forward to our time together.” 
   Mary brings us closer to the Love of God on our Spiritual journey and closer to our faithfulness.
Dear sisters, I hope this and every day brings you Great Peace.
In Mary’s Love,

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