Waiting for Mary

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Mother Mary has gifted me with the story of Her life. I’m not sure why She chose me, but I know that I had to follow Her direction. How could I say no? So I began writing two years ago. Well, actually it has been 11 years when I began to hear and channel Her holy messages
Now finally at Her request, Mother Mary’s life story in book form, is ready to go out into the world.
In fact, I asked Mary why I was chosen for this task. I am far from perfect in the sense, as some might say, for such a Holy journey. There are people on this earth who are much more educated and on higher a Spiritual plane than I. There are people who are more revered and would have more accessibility to market Her story to the world, than I could ever hope for.
Wouldn’t She want that more? But when I asked Her, “Mother Mary, why? Why did you choose me?” She said, “The answer to this question, can not be put into human words.” And I cried.
Actually I cried nearly the whole time She channeled Her story to me. There was always a box of tissues right beside me. But here it is, a box of books has arrived on my doorstep today. One of my dear friends said, “Oh, don’t worry Elizabeth, Mary is getting Her team together. She knows what to do to bring it to the world.”
So here I am, both entranced and amazed every single day. And I am letting you know, that I am humbly waiting for more sacred and magical directions from Mary.
HEART, Elizabeth

A Little Bit About A Big Thing – Enlightenment

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If you have been on the Spiritual Path, even for just a short time, you have heard about the ultimate achievement, Enlightenment.
What does it mean? The word enlightenment has been explained by many people of many religions and cultures. One Buddist monk said that it is nothing and it is something.

Maharishi, who brought Transcendental Meditation to the world, taught that enlightenment is being one with God in every state of consciousness, waking, dreaming and sleeping. The awareness that God is with you even in dreaming or deep sleep. This is what the state of enlightenment means and that, to me is something.

Mother Mary was in that state, even as human form all of Her life, since She was chosen as the vehicle to bring the Christ child into the world. Her son Jesus was born as God-conscious or One with God, because He was God and Human both. This may be a little difficult to digest or understand, since their enlightenment is possibly beyond our comprehension and limited also, by our human vocabulary.

However, when I visited Amma’s, ashram in India, many years ago, I was given the gift of enlightenment for a short 24 hours. I have never divulged such an experience publicly before, but since Mother Mary mentioned it in her offering of her relationship with God, I think She would like me to tell you now.

It was suggested that a vedic ritual be done for me to remove blocks from my spiritual path by pundits in the ashram. This was done very early morning, so I went back to my flat, meditated and fell asleep.

In my sleep, I felt my heart expanding into such a state of love that I could feel every beat of my heart so filled with bliss that I knew it was God permeating my body, mind and soul. When I woke up that feeling, that Enlightenment was still there and stayed with me every second of the day, even as I ate, talked to my friends and deep in my sleep all through the night.

It was the most gloriously blissful 24 hours of my life. I cried when I woke the next morning when I could no longer feel this enlightened state. I knew though, that it was a sign for me, so that I could let others know that Enlightenment is a reality and can be achieved. But I kept it to myself until now, only sharing it with some of my yoga students, since it was such a personal experience.

But now Mother Mary wants you to know that you can achieve Enlightenment. You can have that oneness with God.
Pursuing the Path to Enlightenment is a reality that can be achieved.

Mother Mary’s connection

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Over the years, I have asked Mary many questions. Some of these answers have not been included in the upcoming book, Mary Speaks – Beloved I Want to Tell You My Story.  I would like to share this one with you now which I had asked on July 22, 2018

Question:  Mother Mary,  Please tell me about your personal connection with God while you lived upon the Earth.

Mary:  I will tell you about my connection with God and also with my mother on this earth, my dear Mother Anna.

My connection was much like your connection with the Divine One in the time you were in India, only magnified and constant. This is why I knew my path clearly even in my mother’s womb. (Mother Mary is humble of course, as an offering to give a reference point of her pure enlightenment. – Tomorrow I will tell you about my experience in India.)

My mother knew this deep closeness to God as well. Yet Anna understood without question, that she was tasked in caring for the vehicle of the Holy Christ to be born into this world. She was acutely aware that this was her Divine purpose.

It was beloved Anna who helped me to love this beautiful world, through the preparations and care of food, as well as the joy of caring for and loving all plants and animals especially. She showed me how God’s love brought the animals for us in service of love and that His love is magnified in loving them. All things that grew, beautified and nourished the earth responded to her love, as did I.

The warmth of my dear mother’s love, kept me grounded to the earth. When I was for too long hours, deep in prayer and communion with my beloved God, she would wake me and sing in a happy, melodic voice, “Mary, Mary, Mary! Come outside with me! The water in the well waits for you and the good ground wishes to feel your feet!” Thus, I would arise from the Divine Bliss, called back to the earth again.

I tell you now, that my mother was the absolute Earth Mother Angel and should be worshiped and revered as such. Blessed are those who make an altar in her name!

11 years ago. A blog restarted.

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It was in the summer, 11 years ago, beginning with a trip to Switzerland on an Aura Soma Color Therapy course, when Mother Mary began imparting Her beautiful messages into my heart and soul. I decided then, that it was important to have a website as a way to allow Her messages to be brought to the world, as She had asked.

I will confess that at that time, I was a novice at the social media in blogging, web building and just getting the word out about anything online.  However, I am grateful that I felt what I know now, was the urgency of the Divine.
I am also grateful for my friend, Hillary Meister in helping me build this site, which I knew nothing about and had no desire, to learn to swim in these waters.

The world of technology has gotten easier for me and thank heavens even as we get older, we keep learning! Therefore, I am able to add to this site on a more regular basis and talk to you about the exquisite happenings of Mary’s story.
I hope you will stay tuned!  Gratefully and with Love, Elizabeth



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Today I was in counseling with my good friend Janet.  I wanted to ask her about channeling and who would accept it.  We closed our eyes to pray to Mother Mary.

Almost immediately Mother Mary appeared.  The most beautiful roses I have ever seen were surrounding her.  The Angel Gabriel entered as well, offering a small bowl of water. “Cleanse yourself”, the Angel said.

Then Mary spoke, “Listen to me now daughters.  Do not fear, but attune and feel the Divinity, the Peace within you.  Do not fear for God has a Plan. Know that He has a Plan.  Do not fear.  Attune yourself to my Son, His Healing, His Peace. His Immeasurable Love.

When we opened our eyes, we both said, “I smelled roses! Did you smell the roses?”

Circle of Mary, Aura Soma & the Mayan Calendar

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Within these writings of messages I have received from Mother Mary, I have been guided to share in my knowledge of the Mayan Calendar and  the color bottles of Aura Soma as well as quintessences; specifically Serapis Bey, St. Germain, and Lady Nada.  Quintessences in Aura Soma are essences of the Master Bottle set in a small carry size bottle.  These are used for meditating, but are first given out to the world in a beautiful gesture of putting the drops on the wrists, raising the hands up overhead and sending this energy from one hand to the other, envisioning it encircling and protecting the earth.    According to Aura Soma, quintessence means “the most perfect manifestation of a quality.”      May you find the Perfection within.  Peace, Elizabeth


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Dearest Reader,
These are the channelings I received from Mother Mary last summer.
Right now they are not quite in order, but it doesn’t matter.  Each one
 has a very special message and if you are reading this right now, it is for you.

Mary has guided that you be here right now, receiving her Love.
Peace to you always,
Elizabeth ♥

An invitation from Mary

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Good morning!  It is morning here in the U.S. June 26th, 2007.  Today on the Mayan calendar it is the day of  the Yellow Spectral Seed, a day of flowering of beginnings.  If someone would like to elaborate on this, or on the numerology of this day, that would be welcome.

With much Love I invite you into the Circle of Mary.  As I have told many of you in Switzerland, a couple of days before I was to leave for the Aura Soma Colour Congress, I was walking by my altar.  On my altar, is a statue of Mother Mary, she is a white porcelian statue and has been with me for almost 30 years. 
This time she spoke to me and asked me to sit down.  How could I say no?

Sitting in front of Mary, an incredible peace came over me almost like a trance.  Her message was very urgent.  She said, “I wish to speak to the world.”  
“I urge you to let me speak to the world.”  “How can I do this?’  I asked Her.    “Form a circle of women friends.  This circle will be called the Circle of Mary.”  “This will happen and I will appear.”  “The world needs to know.”
I was given a vision of women all over the Earth meeting together and
receiving the blessing and messages of Mother Mary. 
  I also was told that the Circle of Mary should begin on June 30 and then 7 Sundays after that.  When I checked the calendar at home I discovered that June 30 is a Saturday, but a very significant day.  It is the day of the full moon in Capricorn.  It is also the Mayan day of the Yellow Lunar Star, the Moon and the Star together and perhaps we can say the Sun also with the color yellow signifying the Solar Plexus.  Also, please check out my website, specifically: www.iriseabove.com/apparition.html   
You will see also why the Star is very significant also. 
  So on my calendar it says that the Moon will be full at 9:49 a.m. Eastern
Standard U.S. time.  You might wish to begin an attunement on Mary, alone or  with a circle of women, according to your time zone.  I know that in the U.K. that would be 5 hours ahead.  I plan to begin meditating from 9:30 until 10 a.m. and see what comes.  After this then, 7 Sundays of attunement on the Blessed Mary according to your own time schedule.  I know that we all have commitments and different time constraints so a Sunday schedule will according to you, but as you attune to Mary, perhaps also invite in your Circle sisters around the world.
    If you feel that it is right, please invite anyone you wish and let them in the circle at any time.   Also, you may know of someone on the course who already knows about the Circle, but I did not get her email.  Would you please forward  this to them?  This is a Circle of Love and Compassion.  Mary said that she will choose those who will come.
Also, any suggestions and comments will be appreciated in our emailings.
This is a very important and blessed assignment that has been given to each one of us, and I thank you and God for being a part of The Circle of Mary.   I look forward to hearing from you.
Many Blessings of Mary,
Elizabeth Alder

Circle of Mary – June 30, 2007- First Meditation

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028_281.jpg June 30, 2007
Dear Circle Sisters,
This beautiful morning I meditated on Mary and visualized my sisters in the Circle around the world.
   I carried the white porcelain statue of Mary into the labyrinth in my back yard and lovingly placed her in the center.    Sitting in front of Her with my eyes closed, I took a deep breath and  felt a wonderful fullness of peace, surrounding me and within me.   I felt so full of peace almost like a pregnancy and I knew that this is a peace which only women can experience and give forth.   After a few minutes I lifted my head upwards and I felt transported to the outer most atmosphere of the earth. Looking down on our beautiful blue marble, I felt this fullness of peace surrounding the world.
I saw Mary, first surrounded by the color pink, then white, then lavender. She said, “These are the colors of the peace rainbow. Use these colors to bring peace to the world.”
I feel strongly to use the color quintessences of Lady Nada, Serapis Bey and Saint Germain in meditations of Peace for the world.   (Or if you do not have these available, mentally surround the world in this Peace Rainbow.)
Amazingly yesterday, one the sisters in our circle called to say that she has a book called, Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women of the World by Jean Bolen.   I have ordered this book and also The Millionth Circle by the same author. Thank you Karen, for these signs of confirmation and encouragement.
I know more messages will come. I encourage you to invite other Spiritual goddesses to join in these important meditations of Mother Mary.
With Love,


Circle of Mary – July 8, 2007 – message

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Dear Circle Sisters,
   I am happy to say that a few more Sisters have been invited to join the
Circle of Mary and have happily accepted.   Please do not hesitate to invite
other women who would love to join in.

   Today is the day in the Mayan calendar of the Yellow Planetary Warrior, a day of fearlessness.  The Solar Plexus chakra powerfully shines forth to bring in
Light to the World. On the Mayan calendar it is kin: 36.  In Aura-Soma this is
the bottle called Charity and its colors are violet and pink.  The main theme of
this bottle is Spiritual Love.  As you may remember the colors violet, pink and
white were shown to me to be the colors of the Peace Rainbow so this is a
beautiful connection.
     It was raining this morning (blessed rain), so I meditated on Mary inside
at my altar.  Since I did not feel a connection at first as I had before, I
began to send the Rainbow of Peace around the world, asking that every heart be filled with this peace.  Then in a vision, I saw orbs of Light falling down from
the sky around me like the rain.  At first I did not understand why this was
happening, I was even a little afraid and then Mary gave me the most beautiful
vision of all.  She presented her Son, the Christ to me.  He was in the form of
a brilliant Light and I thought, “How incredible it must have been to see Him
walking among the crowds of people.  A Light so bright that all you had to do
was look on Him and be healed.”  I wondered why, even in His day, in His
presence, that there were people who could not see that Light which was so close to them. 
   Then the room in which I sat was filled with an incredible Light and yet I
felt a peacefulness, a stillness deep within.  And then I heard the answer. 
“The Light still shines and will always shine, but distrust and fear causes a
soul to shut down, to become blind.”  “Never be afraid to take that Light for
yourselves and Shine it forth to the world for this is your purpose.”  Mary
Again I saw the orbs of Light falling down around me and this time I pulled this
Light in for myself.  I felt an incredible but gentle power.  Fearless.
   So the lesson is:  Do not be afraid of the Light around you and within you. 
The Light is there for you to claim.  The Light is there for you to give and
help others claim it for themselves.  Expand the Light.  Peace.
With Love and Gratefulness,
P.S. Thank you so much Sisters,  for your responses and contributions on your
own meditations.  We all look forward to hearing and learning from you.

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